Commission work : I love to draw animals and their particular expressions and therefore drawing people's pets was a natural next step. Your pet (dog, cat, bird, ferret, lizard, or whatever animal you share your life with), or someone else's pet can be done on commission from emailed photographs. Your preference for either very realistic, or more humorous art-is what I'll follow. The photos should show the eyes, first and foremost -the windows of the soul on all creatures, and also the colors, clearly. The expression could be serious, or with the tongue hanging out, looking 'smiley'- it's up to you: whatever capture's the animal's personality best, for you. Let me know if you'd like a close up or a full body image, in which case don't forget to include a photo of the tail. Finally let me know your time frame, in case it's a deadline for me like a birthday or anniversary. Once I have all the details, including your size preference, I will give you a price quote. The sizes won't be smaller than 11 by 14'', and I prefer if possible a square format like 15'' by 15'', done with pastel on pastel paper, and the prices start at $300. The few sample pictures give you an idea, but I'm not limited to what you see here - I'm just as happy drawing elephants and parrots, etc., if the recipient of the artwork likes some more unusual creature. I painted my own duck in a superman cape at one point, and my state foundation bought it and put it in the mayor's office… so I like all things furred and feathered. I'm always looking forward to a new subject matter, so please contact me for further details. Thank you.